Sunday, April 18, 2010

Top 10 Mac Eyeshadows, Jen's View..

TOP 10:

Jen's favorite M*A*C

Hello, Everyone..
A little information for you when purchasing MAC eyeshadows, and which ones will do the look you are trying to achieve.. Each contain a different payoff of color. All MAC eyeshadows are AMAZING, the colors are versatile and highly pigmented.

MAC Menu:
  • FROST (F): An iridescent shine that adds a highlight to any colour.
  • LUSTRE (L): Smoothly pearlized; intensely frosted with deluxe ultra-fine 'conditioned' finish.
  • MATTE (M): Hi-colour pay-off in a no-shine matte finish.
  • MATTE² (M2): Intense, opaque matte finish with exceptionally rich colour payoff.
  • SATIN (S): Pure colour in a satin-style finish. Provides a soft, subtle, non-frost, light-refractive sheen.
  • VELUXE (VLX): Superfine pigment rich and very luxe. Supple to apply. Provides silky smooth matte finish.
  • VELUXE PEARL (VP): Vibrantly toned. Velvety soft. Shimmeringly metallic. Veluxe eye shadow, now overlaid with high-shine pearl.
  • VELVET (V): Soft-look finish with high-colour intensity. Has a plush velvety look and feel.
My TOP 10:

1. Humid (Frost) The best green on the planet. I wear this color at least twice a week and have been known to mix it with every color I have.. #1 Jens FAV...
2. Sable (velvet) Golden Bronze with shiny pearl..
3. Shale (Satin) The perfect Mauve purple with shimmer.. The Go-To color for on the go...
4. Contrast (Velvet) Purplish blue with Blue pearl..
5. Trax (Velvet) Burgandy plum
6. Naked Lunch (Frost) minimal pink with shimmer
7. Soft brown (Matte) Perfect light brown with any color, light or dark. Smokey or dramatic.
8. Carbon (matte) carbon black.. That's IT!!!!
9. Soot (Satin) Grey, Grey, Grey.. Smoke it out Grey..
10. Vanilla (velvet) The perfect Highlight color.. always...

~Beauty your Face~ JB
Love, Jen
*Subtle Glam.

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