Monday, May 3, 2010

April Favorite Loves...

It's that time.... April 2010 is now over. It's def. true that the older you get the time just flies by. But staying Glam is really not that hard, You just have to keep up with the times and always stay openminded. I really express the fact that everyone is different and we all don't have the same liking to all the products, cosmetics that everyone uses/and or buys. These products are just all my Favorite things I used in April and going into May, I continue to dabble with them( and then some). Its really up to your own personal style, with what you take from what I talk about and others talk about. Enjoy and If you have any Questions then you know how to contact me. Also there is a video posted up on youtube now for this catagory and it probably has a little bit more personality than just this blog. LOL
I Tag anyone to do a Favorites blog and or video so I can see what you all have loved for the month of April and upcoming months. You can also check out my vids on youtube under JenNycoleBeauty. Much Love, Jen.

1. I absolutely loved the Revlon Photo Ready this last month. I bought the color in 003 and think its really amazing foundation for the price. I can get it here for $11.00. I havent used alot because of the shimmer content but as for the coverage I def give this foundation efforts a 100%. I think that for darker skin tones you will be able to go into the summer with this product but as for me and my Fair skin I might not. If you havent given it a try yet, I would recommend that you not listen to all the hype about it and just try. Everyone is different and maybe you would love it.. I DO!!

2. I LOVE the MAC Viva LA Glam Cyndi Lauper lipstick. The pic above is the color. I still have yet to see anyone describe this color, lol but its a great color for spring and going into summer. Its probably the closest to my fav lipstick than any other right now, because no matter my makeup, it's not an overload on the lips. It's just the perfect amount of frost and color.. If you havent went out and bought this (which most of you have) Please give it a try. I promise you wont be disappointed.

3. Again with the word, LOVE.... I fell in *L with the new VS PINK body spray and lotion. when using lotion and then a body spray, it will make the color last a lot longer and you will get the smell payoff you are looking for. Or you could just spritz this all over and then out the door. Once you smell this spray you will get my point and hey its cheap.. VS has all the glam scents and you all know that they are the best body sprays. So def go smell this one... :)

4. Also sticking on parfume.. Chanel Allure is a great scent. I am going to be 30 this year and I talk in the video a little about how I think this smell makes me feel like a glam 30 year old, In a good way of course.. :) I dont think that this is a smell for the younger crowd, I think that they would love the scent but opt to get a fruit scent. (maybe the VS PINK) But if you are looking to get a scent that is sophisticated and yet flirty then def try this one.. 30 and Flirty....

5. Going into Summer.... If you are like me and don't have a tanning bed close by then i would like to tell you to get the Loreal Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer + natural skin tone enhancer. It's the perfect self tan and leaves your skin with a shimmer effect but it's not over done. I have achieved the perfect color and I have been using for the last month and now I just use 3 times a week and I LOVE IT!!!! It's a self tanner and thats it..

6. The final thing I want to share is CHU-HI.... yes I said chu-hi. this is a drink here in Japan similar to a wine cooler in the States. they are amazing and yet hard to explain. If you want to know more about this drink I urge you to watch my video on April Favs.. I can explain a little better there because I can show you what I am talking about...

Thank you so much for reading and If you try any of these products.. plz let me know. I have gotton some new things to share soon, so I will post those as soon as I have used for an amount of time to give a review. Take care... Jen.

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