Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aspiring Makeup artist..

Hello World, My name is Jen and Currently residing in Japan.
I am a aspiring Make-up artist looking to talk, chat, and learn more.
I have a channel open for all to see tutorials of looks that i can do on youtube (JenNycoleBeauty)
Following a dream is harder than just 1,2,3.. but with motivation I hope to get to the top one day..
There are a few makeup gurus I follow and thy are very inspirational.
It's going to be a fun ride and those who follow me will not be bored.

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Hello, Im Jen. I am a makeup artist currently living in Japan and will be here for about 1 more year. I have learned alot about the Japanese culture and their art form. I have learned to combine my skills with that of theirs and the combo is what I call Subtle Glam. I think every woman should be a confident glamorous woman, an there for I will give my honest opinion of reviewing of products and or cosmetics.